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Aesthetics & Wellness Services

Without our patients and their support, encouragement, and pressure these services would not be offered. But after years of doing thousands of deliveries and helping women transition into & out of motherhood and seeing the effects of menopause on women after knowing them for years offering these services became inevitable as more and more clients found individualized care and treatments suiting them lacking. What clients wanted was individualized care suited specifically to them and their needs, not just band-aids.

It was in that spirit that starting in 2018 We began offering procedures to help with stretch marks, scars, skin pigmentation, excessive hair removal and localized adiposity using various Laser and IPL machines (ICON and Sculpture).

In 2020 we began offering Botox and Dermal fillers as well as Radio Frequency based services using the Tempsure Platform machine, offering Vitalia and Enviservices, which help with wrinkles, skin laxity, cellulite and vaginal rejuvenation.

And finally late in 2021 we began offering our exclusive, first in the desert Beautifill laser Lipo for body contouring, where we can remove your unwanted fat to sculpt you the beautiful body you desire, or transfer that fat unto your hip dips or augment your breast & buttocks and even as a filler to permanently enhance your lips and other areas you may want enhanced.