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Gynecological Services

The relationship between a patient and her OBGYN are the foundation of healthcare and incredibly important in preventing illnesses and unwanted pregnancies to optimizing pregnancy rates and outcomes, to managing irregular bleeding, uterine anomalies & Peri-and Post-menopausal issues. You can be assured that while under the care of Dr. Fozouni, ALL your issues are considered in diagnosing and managing your medical problems, not like having band aids applied until the next visit. In our office we believe surgery isn’t the first and only answer to your gynecological issues but a last resort. With advancement in science and medicine there are a variety of medical and minimally invasive interventions and therapies that have pushed surgical interventions further and further down the management algorithms.


What should I expect from my GYNECOLOGIST?

As Your gynecologist, you can expect Dr. Fozouni and his team to provide a variety of Preventive Gynecological services, from annual health exams & PAP smears, to Birth controls (such as pills, IUDs, Nexplanonetc) and other cancer screenings (breast & ovarian), to interventional Gynecological services such as COLPOSCOPY (for abnormal PAP smears as an example) to Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy for a variety of Uterine, cervical and ovarian issues.

What should I talk to my Gynecologist about?

You should talk to Dr. Fozouni and his team about your life and your health and especially your goals. As your Gynecological provider, he develops a comprehensive understanding of your overall wellness through honest conversations. He wants to know if you’ve noticed any changes or new symptoms since you last saw him. He also asks about other aspects of your life, including your stress levels and mental and emotional well-being. He will also ask about any changes to your life goals and plans such as planning your pregnancy and how to optimize your health prior to conception. He will also assess how other aspects of your care could adversely or beneficially impact your gynecological concerns. You SHOULD also ask Dr. Fozouni any questions you may have. He’s an invaluable resource for you to learn how to improve your health. For example, if you want to lose weight, but don’t know where to start, talk to Dr. Fozouni about your goals and he can provide advice and support to help you reach them safely.

How can an OBGYN manage and improve my health?

During your first visit, as well as subsequent wellness appointments, Dr. Fozouni provides a comprehensive exam and wellness consultation to get to know you and your health and your goals. While he’s performing a physical exam, he also asks questions to get to know you. This information forms the foundation of his assessment of your health and feeds into a customized plan designed to improve your overall wellness—physically, mentally, and emotionally. His goal is to work with you to improve your total wellness. If you’re looking for a Gynecologist who integrates all of you into a comprehensive plan of care, look no further.