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Annual Exam

At La Femme Health & Beauty, we love providing an annual exam, let us explain. Since many women (and men and healthcare providers), reduce themselves to their reproductive organs, most young women do not go to a healthcare professional unless they’re pregnant or something is wrong, as a result they do not have a primary medical doctor managing their overall health, and they see their OBGYN only when needed. Well at our office we are cognizant of that fact, and we act like a primary care provider by addressing your overall health and not just your female parts. Not only do we perform a complete physical exam (Yes, we listen to your heart and lungs, and I still know and remember how to use my stethoscope 🙂 ), but we also order well women exam labs. Those blood tests check for your:

1)Blood count (CBC)

2)Health of your liver and kidney (CMP)

3) Thyroid test (TFTs) (thyroid issues are far more common in women than in men, 8 folds more to be exact),

4) Cholesterol check,

5) Hgb A1c and fasting insulin for risk of diabetes,

6) Vit D levels (since it’s essential for healthy bone formation and women increase their bone density up until age 35 y/o)

7) And a few more such as Zinc, magnesium etc.

Also, If you’re menopausal we order a Dexa Scan to measure your bone density (most bone loss occurs during the first 5 years after menopause and you need one every 2 years thereafter). We also take care of your mammogram needs, GI referral for colonoscopy (or we can order Cologuard for you), Pap smear (most often every 3 years if you’ve had negative ones most recently) and obviously your annual pelvic exam to check for any potential new growths (such as ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids etc) or pains ( like during intercourse, or during menses) or any other issues you may have (such as loss of urine or related issues).  We encourage you to call us at (760)832-6838 if you haven’t had an exam within the past 12 months, or if you have any issues, you’d like to discuss with us since your last visit with your provider.