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Meet Our Team

About Dr Fozouni

Dr. Fozouni is the man and physician that he is directly as the result of his mother’s traumatic birth experiences. She went through three difficult deliveries, including a high forceps extraction a delivery of large baby and a breech extraction; all with their own dramatic resultant injuries and with almost no post-partum care.
It was these experiences that committed Dr. Fozouni to a life of service to the health and wellbeing of women. He wanted to ensure that no woman under his care would have to endure the trauma, pain, and loneliness that his own mother experienced to give him, and his siblings, life.
Dr. Fozouni has had the honor of delivering nearly 10,000 babies at Desert Regional Medical Center since November 2007 with a primary c-section rate of only 5.8%. Not only has he participated in the delivery of his own three children, he has even delivered over 30 children and grandchildren to one extended family here in the Coachella valley.
Although his original and primary passion in life is helping women as they grow their families, throughout his years of medical service, his patients have asked for support in other aspects in their life as well. Many of his patients asked for help in dealing with their stretch marks and skin laxity. Others were unhappy with their localized hyperpigmentation and melasma. Yet others struggled to lose excess weight gained during their pregnancies. And nearly everyone wanted to know how to minimize the effects of age and sun damage on their skin, in addition to loss of their natural endogenous hormones.
That is why, starting in 2018, Dr. Fozouni began offering various Laser, IPL, and Radio Frequency-based procedures to help patients feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Dr. Fozouni has continued to expand his knowledge base and treatment options and now also offers office-based laser liposuction & body contouring, injectables such as BOTOX and dermal fillers and various other modalities, including wellness therapies. And Dr. Fozouni will continue to expand his knowledge base and integrate the latest available techniques, modalities and principles to assist his patients in all their female medical, wellness, and aesthetic needs.

Joanne Reyes-Giron NP

Joanne has been a Nurse Practitioner in our office in a variety of capacities for many years now. She originally began as a patient, then became an apprentice doing her externship with us while studying to become a Nurse Practitioner. She worked at Desert Regional Medical Center’s Cardiac Unit for over 5 years but since her passion has always been aesthetics, she rejoined our team soon after we began offering aesthetic services at Lotus Aesthetica. Joanne is an experienced injector with a superb touch, feel, and deep understanding of patients’ desires. Never forgetting her medical background, Joanne gives the best medical options to achieve the best and longest lasting aesthetic results for our patients.

Kimberly Mejia RN

Kimberly joined our team in late 2021. She is a passionate injector with over 8 years of experience under her gentle hands. She loves to discover new techniques to enhance results and give patients the result they desire. Her results speak for themselves. Ask her about her skincare recommendations and how she can integrate various modalities to give you the perfect lasting results you desire.

Esmeralda Torres

Esmeralda has been with us since 2009 and she is the jack-of-all-trades in our office, making sure billing, managing, and scheduling are all done well. She is our de facto office leader with over 20 years of experience in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Esmeralda is familiar with all of the procedures we offer in our office and she can handle any and all of your questions from financing to procedures to skin care regiments.

Olga Jurado MA

We cannot say enough good things about Olga. She followed her passion for women’s health and became a Medical Assistant working in other OB/GYN offices until we were able to win her over to join us a few years ago. She specializes in back office and patient-related care but not to be outdone, she can also do front desk tasks as well. As a matter of fact, while MaryEllen has been out on maternity leave, Olga has stepped up to the plate and now does it all while we wait for Mary to come back.

MaryEllen Rodriguez MA

MaryEllen joined our team in early 2020 as our “hired gun” because she can do it all. Not only is MaryEllen Rodriguez a Medical Assistant by training but she also serves in the front office, back office, scheduling, and multiple other responsibilities. Congratulate her on the birth of her new daughter when you see her next time.